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We love subscribers (WLS) is a modern Popup plugin for Blogger.This gadget creates a FAB or Floating Action Button on your blog, whose primary function is to make users subscribe to your blog mailing list. Very user friendly and modern.Comes in default with the blue color although the colors are tweekable.



<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.3/jquery.min.js"></script>


Skip adding these dependencies if you already have them in your template file


  • Add Jquery before the template </head>
  • Copy the default or customised HTML/ CSS/JS from the gadget above
  • Go to blogger dashboard -> Layout menu
  • In the template layout, Click on Add Gadget.(Sidebar/Footer is recommended)
  • Select HTML / Javascript Gadget
  • Paste the CSS first within <style> tag, HTML and JS within <script> into the gadget
  • Click OK and Save Arrangement button


V-1.0 (current)

Gadget added with popup animation.


We are working on to bring customisable locations for the FAB button.Subscribe for updates.Copyright link will be deleted in our next version.


Tweaking the JS files will result in gadget turning failure.We recommend installing the gadget with the JS file untouched.If you wish to use the gadget without the credits or customized credits, please send a request to hello@barrel.im (Dont worry its free)


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Created October 18th, 2016
Author Jinson Johny
Platform Blogger
Collection Subscribe
Tags Blue, CSS Animation, FAB, FAB Subscribe, Feedburner, jQuery, Light, Material, Minimal, Modern Subscribe, Popup, Popup Subscribe, White,

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